If you have read here before, you know that it is important to have a basketball profile or resume. Getting your basketball profile together can be easy if you played at your university or club for a long period of time. Also if the organization kept records of each season that you played.

Once you accumulated all of your basketball statistics from your university or club organize it in chronological order by last season played at the beginning. Next, put in words your strengths and weaknesses.

You should then get some type of photograph together, preferably an action photo. When all of this is complete make sure you have a game tape ready to send off, so when teams and agents contact you. You will be prepared and everything in order.

If you dont have all of those things make sure a solid highlight tape is able. Teams need to see in order to believe what is on paper or online!

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We have simplified this process for you by offering players a free web page with your profile, photo, and bio. Visit the basketball player profile portal. Sign up with your own username and after you have filled everything out we will have to give you access to place your full bio, stats, photo and other comments.

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