I received a good question today:

“What’s is a normal daily schedule like and what do most players do away from the basketball floor?”

The normal schedule for most professional basketball teams is usually to have two types of practice during the day. Most likely there is shooting in the morning or weight lifting that would probably max out to about an hour and a half.

Then most players like myself get lunch after those workouts and rest. In between practices there are options like libraries, internet cafes (to stay in touch with friends), movies, reading, etc. It all depends on what you like to do. I know most of my friends like to sleep. I’m not the sleeping type 🙂 I sleep because I have to..

After the day break there is usually practice in the evenings for about 1.5hrs-3hrs depending on the team. The latest I practiced was ending around 10pm in Spain but it was all good because eating dinner late is their culture.

So that is practical day schedule for most professional basketball players

I myself use as much time to hang out with teammates in the beginning to learn the city and country. Its good to absorb and meet people because you’ll be amazed how small the world is and who you might meet/need down the road. My first year in Spain, I was offered Spanish Lessons as the university. If you want to continue your education it is good to ask if there is a school around to help you and most likely the team would be happy to help.

Even an intern job if thats what you want and are thinking about your future after basketball. I actually took time to learn how build websites and then later market them which is my full time job which I love!

I “think” I used most of my time wisely and I knew that basketball would be there but it won’t last forever. Many things could come up and its better to be prepared. But other social activities could be visiting another city in the country or taking the train to another in Europe. I’ve done that when I had at least a 3 day break.

Most teams have a break because of EuroChampionships in the fall. So with that said there are plenty things to do if you are willing to go out and meet people. You’ll be surprised how much time goes by without notice 🙂