I’m really excited to watch the Olympic basketball games in a few weeks. After watching the US Mens Basketball Team play against Team Canada, I could see that they are strong. However, I’m doubting their inside play against the more bigger international teams like, Argentina, Spain, China and Germany. There is no question the guards are ready and the hot shooters. I recommend everyone tuning in and watching the Olympics basketball on television just to get an idea of the international game and players. The rules are different in a way and a lot of calls like “traveling” violations and carrying the ball. The FIBA rules and officiating take close measures and in the USA we can get away with a quick first step, especially in fast breaks.

On another note, I’ve noticed some former NBA players are now considering more the option to play basketball overseas because of the difference in salaries, especially in regard to the Dollar (USD)  being much weaker than the Euro. In the next couple of months, I’m sure you notice and read about it. I mean low end NBA players, not the stars!

Anyway, I encourage you to watch the Olympics basketball tournament starting August 9th! Here is the Olympic mens basketball schedule and womens olympic basketball schedule.