We need two experienced players for 2 teams in Cyprus. Our clients will only consider players with at least one year of experience. Mid to top level Europe, CBA, USBL, NBDL, etc. The teams are looking for one pure shooting guard. They do not want combo guards and prefer a bigger player at this position (6’3″+). Also needed is a strong 4 man to compliment their existing post game. This player should be able to play/defend the wing as well as some back to the basket. A good rebounder is a must(6’8″+) preferably.

Our clients will request a good quality game tape in vhs/dvd format

For players with an agent be advised that the agent fee will be divided 3 ways.

Both teams will select players for two week tryouts in early september. Players will be required to pay for their own flight to and from Cyprus for the tryout. This is reimbursable if the player signs a contract. Included in the offers are housing, transportation, 2 round trip tickets, and bonuses. Salaries start at $5000 usd for the 2 guard and $7000 for the power forward.

Our clients will contact players directly through our website. Please be sure to leave a DAYTIME number where you can be reached. If you’ve submitted a profile to our site before you do not need to resubmit to be considered. For those who have not you may submit your information by going to www.draftday.net, creating an account, then logging back in and entering your profile. For those with an agent be sure to list their name and contact information. This is a free service and we’re only paid if a contract is signed. There are NO fees paid to us or the team prior to the tryout. If you have any problems editing your information please email me directly at sales@draftday.net. Thanks.