I’m not sure if I brushed upon this topic before but communication back and forth from overseas is important to keep your sanity and close contact with your family. When I started playing basketball overseas, it was recommended to use a service which allowed phone calls to my phone in Finland for about $0.09 a minute which was pretty good back in 1999 without the introduction of VOIP which is now much cheaper and standard.

When I was in Finland, I used a Nokia 2000 series unlocked GSM mobile phone which was not standard in the USA at that point. I have been sending sms messages since 1999 and the last couple of years in the states it has been something of a phenomenon. For anyone going overseas to play basketball I recommend buying an unlocked GSM phone because as carriers brand their phones and it makes it hard to switch in and out your sim card when you travel country to country. I know, I’ve been there and done that. New cell phone stores who over great deals and unlocked phones such as Pure Mobile is a great solution.


Buying unlocked phones are pretty much standard these days and the main players Android and iOS phones are dominating the smart phone markets.

The store offers some of the most stylish and popular mobile phones in the market. High class if you want to show off your style, they have the new iPhone, lg prada black (really slick design) and the chic slim motorola cell phone. Browsing around at the Pure Mobile website is great because its quite easy to find the most popular models and new phones which are unlocked. Finding the news model of unlocked GSM phone is not easy in the USA.

My favorite type of phone because I’m forever checking my email due to my work online is the palm cell phone. Right now I’m using my Dell Axim PDA with a keyboard but it would be nice to have a pda cellphone or blackberry. Now that it’s available to buy with decent prices a Puremobile, I’ll invest it more when I get back stateside. But with  their cheapest prices being only $150.00 I’m sure I will check into buying another cell.

Remember, the type of phone that you need if you do play overseas is an unlocked sim phone with GSM Bands of at least 900/1800/1900 (tri-band). I like the option of using the cuad band just in case I’m in any part of Asia and nearby countries!