I’ve been getting several good emails questioning basketball overseas. So that everyone benefits I’ll be answering all questions unless they don’t overlap. Here is Round 1 of Basketball Overseas Q & A for AGENTS.

How does the player represenative gets his money? Is there ever an instance when agents do not get paid!

In all cases in the FIBA rules regarding player, team and agent, the Agency gets paid by the team/club directly. Never does the player pay you nor should you request money from the player.

I am a new agent and find myself dealing with a lot of players wanting to go overseas, I don’t really know what are good teams and how to get my guys exposure? Do i send tapes and when I look up teams on the internet they are all in other languges? Please help me out with this….

As an agent one of the first and most important things you must do is make good contacts. Contacting and partnering with other agents in other countries who know the system, know the teams and the language. Once you find a reliable partner you will send him/her your top players and they will find teams after which you both split the commission from the player’s contract.

What are the steps to becoming an agent for overseas….I have a player that has been invited to play ball in Turkey, Istanbul Besiktas…is t here an agent requirement with this league and if so what is the process.

As I said above it is better to have a contact in Turkey so if a problem arises you’ll understand the system and law if need be. Jurisdiction in other countries are different and if you’re not a citizen you’re not able to fight any battle without a proper contact.